What our Client Say

Tuhina Carol
  • 25 Years |
  • Miss Universe BAHRAIN (2nd runner up)

Tanya, you're an absolute gem! Preparing for the Miss Universe competition was a rigorous journey, and your guidance was a game-changer. Your simple, homemade food options made my weight loss journey effortless. What truly sets you apart is your constant attention to my food preferences. It never felt like I was dieting because you tailored every meal to my liking. Thanks to your expertise and personalized approach, I shed those crucial 5 kgs with ease and confidence. You didn't just help me achieve my goals; you made the journey enjoyable. I couldn't have asked for a better nutritionist. You're a true star, and I can't thank you enough!

Hashmita Mathur
  • 24 Years |
  • Cabin Crew

Tanya has been my saving grace on this turbulent journey as a cabin crew member. The irregular hours of flying had me struggling to maintain a healthy weight, and finding the right food options was a constant challenge. Tanya came to my rescue with a roster-based meal plan that was not only tailored to my unique schedule but also incredibly effective. Her availability, even during unexpected roster changes, was a testament to her unwavering dedication. Thanks to Tanya, I've not only achieved my weight goals but also learned sustainable eating habits that I can carry with me in the skies and beyond. She's not just a nutritionist; she's a lifeline for anyone in my profession seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Shweta Dhawan
  • 40 Years |
  • Housewife

Tanya Malhotra is a miracle worker! After two pregnancies, I struggled with stubborn weight that just wouldn't budge. Tanya's guidance transformed my life. She tailored a sustainable, balanced plan that allowed me to shed 10 kgs without any starvation diets. Her approach is practical, and she genuinely cares about her clients' well-being. I'm not just lighter; I'm healthier and happier. Thank you, Tanya, for showing me that a realistic and enjoyable path to weight loss exists!

  • 58 Years |
  • Housewife

I owe my transformation to the incredible Tanya Malhotra! At 58, I carried 84 kgs, battled asthma, and had chronic joint pain. My mindset was stubborn, and I believed change was impossible at my age. Tanya proved me wrong in the most remarkable way. Under her guidance, I lost an astounding 30 kgs! Tanya's expertise, unwavering support, and personalized approach changed my life. She understood my limitations and crafted a plan that was both effective and achievable. With her by my side, age became just a number, and my health soared. Tanya is not just a nutritionist; she's a life-changer. I'm living proof that it's never too late for a healthier, happier life. Thank you, Tanya!