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Unlocking the Path to Wellness with Tanya Malhotra: renowned Nutritionist synonymous with transformation and wellness. Tanya is a trusted authority in the realm of nutrition and weight management.


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Nutrition Strategies

Our Unique approach to weight loss and overall well being set us apart from fad diet programs.

Workout Routines

Receive tailored customised workout regimen that complements your health goals.

Individual Support

Throughout our customised program we monitor your daily health progress and realign plans as per our goals.

First Hand Advice

Get Professional advice and a unique tailored plan as per your health goals.

Personalised Tailored Health Plans for you.

Life Wellness Plans

Every Program is specifically designed to support healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition Plan is specially designed to imporve physical and mental health of your child.

Sports Nutrition

Need that extra energy to excel in sports. Our Nutrition based health plan is for you.


Weightloss Program

Recieve a personalised Exercise regimen that complements your health goals

Workout Routines

A Personalised plan dedicated to weight loss or weight gain and transform your life.


Real People. Real Result.

Customised Health Plans
The ULTIMATE- 10 Kgs In 100 days

Weight Loss Challenge

Are you eager to shed those extra pounds and transform your life? Look no further! Our personalized program is tailored just for you.

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